The most advanced drag and drop algebra tool for the web.

What is Algebra By Hand™?

Algebra By Hand is a web app that will make your child faster and better at algebra. It uses a fun drag and drop interface that organically provides algebra visualization skills that will prepare your child for higher math. Algebra By Hand will give your child an advantage for pre-calculus and beyond.

Who is it for?

Algebra By Hand is designed for students who already have some introduction to algebra. For example, your child should already be familiar with basic skills like how to combine like terms, use the distributive property, and factor. It is NOT designed for students with NO knowlege of algebra. Typically Algebra By Hand is best for students in high school who have completed or are near the end of their first year of algebra.

What do I need to use it?

You and your child need access to a smart phone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer with an internet connection. If you are reading this, chances are you've got everything you need.

Do I need to know algebra?

No. Algebra By Hand assumes parents know no algebra.

How much does it cost?

Algebra By Hand allows you to monitor up to 4 children for free.

Do I need to create an account?

Parents need to create a free account. Your child will not receive assignments from us until you have provided your child's email address. Upon doing so, Algebra By Hand will send a notification to your child that provides a link that they can use to set up their free account and start getting better at algebra the easy way.

Will I be able to monitor my child's progress?

Yes. After you log into Algebra By Hand, it provides you with real-time analyses of your child's algebra proficiencies. It tells you if your student knows when to apply each rule of algebra. You can even enter your child's teacher's email and give their teacher the ability to view a report of your child's algebra strength and weaknesses as well. This gives you a powerful and helpful connection with your child's teacher.

Can I get a sense of how it works without creating an account?

Absolutely. Start with this tutorial to get acquainted with our algebra gesture system. Then try your new skills on a sample worksheet. You can do all of this anonymously.

What happens after my child signs in?

When you sign your child up for Algebra By Hand, your child will automatically start receiving worksheets. Upon completion of each worksheet, we analyze your child's weaknesses and instantly send them the next worksheet based on what they need to work on. Or if our analysis shows that they are ready, we give them more difficult problems - just like a tutor or teacher would. There is even a help button for each problem that shows your child what to do when he or she is stumped. You can think of Algebra By Hand as a tool to strengthen their algebra skills.

See your student's strength and weaknesses.

See your student's strength and weaknesses.

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