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Privacy Policy

What personal information do we STORE in our database about you?

The information we store about you depends on the method you use to access Algebra By Hand (ABH) and whether you are an administrator, teacher, or student. There are two methods to access ABH. You may access ABH from a learning management system (eg. Canvas, D2L Brightspace™, Google Classroom, etc.) or you can give yourself an account on ABH and access ABH directly. In the table below, the checkmarks ☑ show what information is stored in our database. No checkmark indicates that the information is NOT stored in our database.

Method of Access Role Name Address Phone Organization Time Zone Username Encrypted Password Email Address Worksheets Answers to Worksheets Scores on Worksheets
ABH Account Administrator
ABH Account Teacher
ABH Account Student
Learning Managment System Teacher
Learning Managment System Student

Note that we store your password in an encrypted form. We are unable to produce your unencrypted password.

What information of mine is SHARED and with whom?

If you are a student, the answers to your worksheets and your email are shared with your teacher.

If you are a teacher, your worksheets and answer keys are not shared with others unless you voluntarily donate them to the public library on our site.

If you access ABH through a learning management system (LMS), scores for your worksheets may be transferred back to the LMS for the convenience of the assigning teacher.

Other than this, none of your information is stored with anybody.

Can I change my personal information stored on the site?

You can change your name, user name, and password on our site using the settings editor only if you are directly logged into an Algebra By Hand account (not through a learning management system). If you are a student, you will not be able to change your answer for a worksheet after it is due. If you are a teacher, you have the ability to change any of your own worksheets and answer keys as well as due dates for your assignments.

How does Algebra By Hand access and use my personal information from a learning management system (LMS) such as Canvas, D2L Brightspace™, or Google Classroom?

Upon your authorization, Algebra By Hand accesses limited information about you that is stored in your learning management system (eg. your name, current enrollments) through a secure application programming interface. Personal information such as your name (or the names of your students if you are a teacher) and the classes in which you are currently enrolled are only temporarily stored in your device's random access memory and are NOT stored in our database. We access this information only for your convenience to streamline the process of making and receiving assignments. We cannot use this information without your knowledge because we do not store it and have no independent access to it. If you access ABH trough an LMS, we do, however, access the LMS to find out your preferred time zone and we do store this information. We only use your time zone information so that due dates and times for your assignments are displayed in the correct time zone.

Is my email shared with others?

No, however if you are a student, your teacher will be able to see your email address. We do not give away or sell your email address to anyone. We will use your email address to send you notifications of assignments as well as account creation, account password and username resets. We will also use your email to notify you of changes in our privacy policy.

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes. We do not store your address, credit card number, CVV value, or credit card expiration date in our database. Transmission of your credit card information to our payment gateway is encrypted and secured by a certified secure sockets layer.

What if I have a privacy concern?

Please contact us at

Privacy Policy